Aeration: Key to Healthy Ponds

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Residential ponds add beauty and are often home to many species of fish. However, pond water can become polluted and murky over time. Fortunately aeration, or increasing oxygen saturation, helps to solve these problems. Specially-designed aerators can introduce oxygen into ponds and companies like living water aeration offer a variety of models. They include devices that run on electricity as well as those that use wind and solar power.

The Principle Behind Water Aeration

Although there are different kinds of aerators, they all serve to increase the oxygen in water. Increased oxygen is sometimes needed to treat anoxic conditions in ponds or lakes. That is a problem that is often caused by human interference like over-baiting, agricultural runoff or even waste discharge. Aerators may introduce oxygen into the bottoms of lagoons and lakes as well as ponds. Some devices accomplish the same result when they agitate the water by creating a fountain-like affect that also allows noxious gases to escape. When oxygen levels increase aerobic bacteria thrive and encourage organic matter to decompose.

There Are Aerators for Every Need

Since properties and ponds can vary widely, there is really no one-size-fits-all aerator that works well for everyone. As a result, suppliers offer a range of products and help clients choose the best models for their goals. Options include:

  • Diffused Aeration Systems: Devices run on electricity, add oxygen to pond bottoms and are ideal for bodies of water that are at least 6 feet deep.
  • Deluxe Aeration Systems: Although they work like diffused systems, these aerators include extras like in-system air compressors, custom cabinets and cooling fans.
  • Windmill Aeration Kits: Wind-powered aerators provide diffused aeration but do not need electricity. They are popular among property owners with ponds in remote areas.
  • Solar Powered Aerators: Systems are completely dependent on solar power and can run 3 days when there is no sunlight. They are affordable and efficient.

The ponds that add value and beauty to many properties need care in order to remain clear and safe. Owners often solve the problem by installing aerators which help maintain healthy water by introducing oxygen. Aerators are available in a range of models which include products powered by electricity, sun and the wind.