Share Your Message or Support a Special Cause with Customized Neck Wear Made to Your Specifications

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Almost anywhere you look, you’re bound to see a lanyard. Schools pass out plain versions in their signature colors to students and faculty members so their I.D. cards can be worn in plain sight. Some even go as far as having their school name and an image of their mascot printed on them. Volunteers or event staff often wear them in specific colors and designs so they can easily be sought out in a crowd.

In stores, you’ll see a wide assortment of lanyards in various colors and styles dedicated autism, cancer and other topics for which awareness needs to be raised. Favorite professional and local college sports teams’ colors and logos are depicted on others as well as a number of underdogs people might be rooting for. National and international companies promote their brands courtesy of lanyards, and those lanyards often end up among the companies’ top-selling items regardless of the types of products and services they’re actually known for.

All these are examples of customized lanyards, but you don’t have to settle for what you find in stores or ready-made online. You don’t have to oversee a multi-national corporation or educational facility to have them tailored to your own specifications, either. Whether you want to celebrate the birth of a new grandchild with all your relatives, friends and neighbors or show support for a loved one in need, you can have customized lanyards designed with any message you’d like to share with the world.

Virtually every aspect of your lanyards can be personalized to meet your standards. You’ll start by choosing from an array of clasps and fittings depending on what you’ll be attaching to your neck wear. Then, you’ll select the color, style and material you want with everything from basic nylon and polyester to PVC and bamboo fiber available. From there, you can upload your own custom message to be printed on your lanyards.

Lanyards are practical, functional and versatile items. Whether you need a better way to keep up with your key card or want to advertise a special moment in your life, you’ll find one to accommodate. With full customization available, you and your circle can easily stand out in a crowd and convey your unique message in style.