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Important Knowledge to Help You Understand 1031 Exchanges Tax laws are very broad, and section 1031 is one of the most widely discussed provisions of the tax laws. Many realtors, investors, and title companies mention this law as if it were very important. Truth be told, the 1031 exchange is very important in promoting investments within the country. The provision allows people to swap business assets for other assets. With a 1031 exchange, capital gains are not recognized which means that the exchange is not taxed. To ensure that the exchange is not being misused, the law provides for some rules to follow in the exchange which is why you need the services of a tax professional when doing a 1031 exchange. Here are some few things you should know before a 1031 exchange. While 1031 allows swapping of investment and business property, the law does not apply to personal use. This means that you cannot swap your home for another. That said, it is possible to exchange personal property as long as certain conditions are met. You should, therefore, consult with a tax expert to help you with the exchange. The the general rule is that the assets being swapped must be of like-kind. The term like kind is enigmatic in the sense that a building and raw land could be considered like-kind as long as they meet the criteria set out in the law. You can also do a delayed 1031 exchange. In this exchange, an individual will sell their asset but use a middle man to hold the cash received for the sale. The proceeds from the sale are used to purchase another property that the owner of the previous property is interested in. The transaction of this kind is treated as a swap. When doing a delayed exchange, it is important to follow the rules set out in section 1031. This means that under no circumstances should you hold the cash received after the sale of your asset lest you spoil the 1031 treatment. You are also required to choose a property that you wish to acquire. The law also allows you to designate an unlimited number of properties subject to certain conditions.
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All the 1031 exchange must be completed within a period of six months. This means that you must only make the exchange when you have everything in order. In a delayed exchange, any cash that is left after the new property is bought is taxed since this is also considered to be a gain. Also remember to account for mortgages and loans on the property. This means that if you exchange a property and your liabilities reduce, the reduction is considered a gain which is taxable.Getting Creative With Funds Advice